One set, one software,
a tool.


It is a customizable photo set integrated into the space of your event, becoming a point of attraction for the public.
It is a software that allows the creation and sharing in real time of videos, GIFs and personalized photos.
It is a tool that allows to share your event on the social channels of the brand in real time, making the Brand experience lives beyond the physical limits of the event.

It allows the creation and personalization of animated GIFs, videos and photos.

It allows the Leads acquisition, the construction of DB and the digitized management of the documentation relating to privacy (digital signature, data processing consent, etc).

It publishes contents on user profiles (as well as on the brand page - at the discretion of the Social Media Manager) greatly increasing the virality of the event.

It allows the sharing of pre-set UGC content: this avoids the problem of moderation, incorrect hashtags, any incorrect use of the brand by users.

It allows the insertion of one or more specific and different hashtags, mentions and geolocalizations according to the single stage (e.g. #EventName + #brandname).

It works on the main social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

Works off line



Registration platforms for competitions according to the law.

Certified software for winning extraction.

Tracking systems for social media contents.

Platforms for consent’s management to the processing of personal data


Platforms for integrated management of customer Database.

Software for the management of digital invitations (save the date, participation confirmation, mailing, electronic accreditation, reports)

Events Organizational

Pre-conference secretarial services in the months before the event and presence at the conference.

Budgeting and sponsor research.

Relations with institutions.

Secretariat and on-site assistance for badge detection and presence detection.

National and international logistics assistance.

Contacts with speakers and participants.

Logistics and Hospitality.